MyLegacyBackup Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you with my sensitive information?

You Shouldn’t; furthermore, due to the frequent breaches in credit card security and identity theft, you shouldn’t trust anyone.

That’s why we discourage you from storing full credit card numbers, full bank accounts, and other sensitive personal details. (subscribers should see Advisor Tips for more information)

That’s why, instead, we suggest techniques to limit your exposure, especially in storing passwords. (subscribers should see Advisor Tips for more information)

That’s why we share our Identity Theft experience – so you can learn and maximize your protection.

Is this site secure?

Think about where your current data resides. Is it safe and protected, yet accessible to those you authorize?MyLegacyBackup users know their information is secure because we use 128-bit SSL encryption – secure techniques similar to those utilized on banking and other financial sites. See for yourself that our HTTPS site has a valid certificate. Check via your browser to verify that you have successfully established a secure connection to our site.

I can do this myself, so why do I need MyLegacyBackup?

    • There is a strong likelihood that you are not collecting all of your critical information. Our predefined templates have structured categories and details, to document WHAT you have and WHERE it is located. You will benefit as templates expand based on client feedback.

    • Secure, accessible from anywhere, when you need it. Storing details at home or in another secure location can be a problem if you’re away, but need information quickly. In the worst case scenario, should your house burn down, would you lose your records?

Who should enroll in MyLegacyBackup?

This tool will help when…​

    • You’re helping a parent or other aging person to organize their records.

    • You don’t always remember details of your online accounts or passwords.

    • You manage everything but your spouse has no idea of records or holdings; or your spouse manages all the records and you have no idea.

    • You would like your children, partner, custodian, Power of Attorney (POA), or Estate Executor to have a solid grasp of your belongings.

If I am currently enrolled in MyLegacyBackup services, must I re-enroll each year? What are my payment options?

Subscription to MyLegacyBackup is on an annual basis. After the first year, there is a reduced fee renewal rate, or subscribers can use the application at no cost by participating in our referral program. Our certified and compliant checkout process accepts a variety of credit cards and other payment options.

How do I suggest additional data elements?

Email your suggestions to Please include your name and phone number so we can follow-up with you.

Can I store images of documents in MyLegacyBackup?

Perhaps in a later release. But the primary purpose of this application is to organize the details of your personal information. In many cases copies or scans my not be accepted by authorities. It’s more important to use MyLegacyBackup to document the location of the original documents for quick access when needed.

When I become disabled or pass away, how does my caregiver access my subscription account?

One of the benefits of the MyLegacyBackup subscription service is to assist your designated surrogate or caregiver (Power of Attorney, Executor, trusted friend or family member, etc.). It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to make their caregiver(s) aware of this subscription, granting them the authority to review the Subscriber’s information by sharing their subscription account and password, or at least its location. In expecting someone to help you manage your affairs, they need to know WHAT this entails, and WHERE the specifics are located.

What are Advisor Tips? How do I access them?

Advisor Tips are accessible by current subscribers and provide advice on each table, with suggestions on what type of information to store, and how to complete the individual columns.