Introduction to Legacy Backup and My Legacy Backup

Why did I build this site? In my career with companies that included AT&T, Lucent technologies, Honeywell, and Chubb Insurance, my most significant focus was in designing, implementing and supporting Financial Systems. Throughout, mine was a service-oriented career, driven by customer satisfaction. So I’d like to share my knowledge and experience with you, in the hope it will help you to solidify your legacy – to help you protect your family legacy in a number of areas:

  • As a victim of REAL Identity Theft, I have firsthand experience on what to do if this happens to you. This was far more than just a random case of credit card fraud; rather, what do you do when a well organized criminal ring steals your identity? You need to swiftly respond to breach attempts, to avoid severe loss and long-term damages before thieves liquidate your accounts or run up your credit.
  • In building financial systems and in helping others, I learned about Unclaimed Property, also known as Abandoned Property. What happens if you forget to cash a check, or misplace a bankbook? I’ll explain how you can find it, and recover your assets, all by yourself, at no cost. You can identify and recover assets that you may not even realize are missing!
  • Regarding your information in general, by having well organized records, you can be sure you don’t lose your property in the first place. And if Identity Theft does occur, you can proactively defend yourself. There are also other benefits, such as your ability to locate accounts and passwords quickly. And what if you’re incapacitated? Can your family locate your critical information such as bank accounts, insurance, etc.?

Just to clarify, LegacyBackup (you are here) is the free public information site that we provide with the hope of helping you protect your legacy by providing some simple advice, while MyLegacyBackup is our consulting service which provides additional information and our world-class pre-defined templates for optimal organization of your critical information.

So I invite you to share my journey. I truly hope it helps. I also welcome requests for additional information and related topics, so we can grow together.