My Legacy Backup


Think of your family.

If Something Happened To You — Are Your Critical Records Easy To Find?

In an emergency, there’s no time to start a scavenger hunt for critical information. 

Be prepared for the unexpected.

 Your Family Needs Access To: Legal Documents, Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies, Credit Cards, Online Accounts, Investments …

MyLegacyBackup Secures and Organizes Your Critical Information

Protect yourself and your family when…

​☑  You’re helping a parent or other aging person to organize their records.
☑  You don’t always remember details of your online accounts or passwords.
☑  You manage everything but your spouse has no idea of records or holdings; or your spouse manages all the records and you have no idea.
☑  You would like your children, partner, custodian, Power of Attorney (POA), or Estate Executor to have a solid grasp of your belongings.

 You Need Secure Personal Content Management:

  • Predefined templates of structured categories document WHAT you have and WHERE it is located.

  • Easy to use. Secure and accessible from anywhere, whenever it’s needed.

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