My Legacy Backup


If Something Happened To You — Are Your Critical Records Easy To Find?

In an emergency, there’s no time to start a scavenger hunt for critical information. 

Be prepared for the unexpected – Your family will need access to: Legal Documents, Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies, Credit Cards, Online Accounts, Investments …

We can help to Secure and Organize Your Critical Information with Personal Content Management when:

​☑ You have no idea what you have or what your spouse is managing.

☑ You manage everything but your spouse has no idea of records or holdings.

☑  You’re helping a parent or other aging person to organize their records.

☑  You don’t always remember details of your online accounts or passwords.

☑  You would like your survivors and legal representatives to have a solid grasp of your belongings.

MyLegacyBackup is our service that helps you to easily organize your critical information. We will guide you through the process of completing our predefined templates, so you can safely store everything in one central location. We will also include instructions on how you can secure your data, protecting it from unauthorized access.

Our end goal is your ability to tell your family “if anything ever happens to me, it’s all here…”.

To get started in completing your Predefined templates of structured categories to organize WHAT you have and WHERE it is located, Schedule Now.

The cost of the session is $75, and includes:
• Your complete set of predefined templates.
• Instructions and suggested advice in preparing your document,
• Advise on how to properly secure your document.
• If necessary, additional sessions are available at a reduced rate.